A Fan Girl’s Guide to Grief


Or “F Triple G” as the youth likes to call it.*

Read & Listen:

“(One of those) Crazy Girls”- Paramore

“Snaggle Tooth”- Vance Joy

“Can’t Help Falling in Love”- Haley Reinhart

Unless you have a head on your shoulders that’s screwed on tight, you’re going to know what I’m talking about. A person’s face might pop up in your mind, but most of us know the feeling of liking a celebrity, possibly liking them too much, and then finding out they aren’t single… Jealousy is a bitch.

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A Fan Girl’s Guide to Grief

Through Rose-Tinted Glasses: Tales of the Opening Act

When finals are in one week, go to a concert.


*all photos were taken by me and are my edits*

Listen & Read:

Mothxr – Fight the Feeling

Polica – Lime Habit

Mothxr – She Can’t Tell

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Through Rose-Tinted Glasses: Tales of the Opening Act

My Vision Board

IMG_1006 [8719081]

So I made a vision board that actually looks good, and I thought I would share it. Some things represent kind of obvious things and dreams, like my initials or the baby in the corner. But some (a lot) of the images go a little deeper (and some pictures I just wanted on there – Leo DiCaprio – and I made the symbolism afterwards).

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My Vision Board

Grow Up: 2015 Favorites

“Some of us have to grow up sometimes. Decide. If I have to, I’m gonna leave you behind…” – Grow Up, Paramore

I haven’t been back for a favorites post in a long time. I feel like the first half of the year went by so fast! Here’s a few things I loved this year.

Listen & Read:

12:59 Lullaby – Bedouin Soundclash

Youth – Ben Khan

Lost – Frank Ocean


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Grow Up: 2015 Favorites