Goal For This Blog


I want to have a lifestyle, fashion, travel, journal blog that people can relate to.

I want this blog to get more and more eyes on it. Not for the money, (even though it would be nice) but for people to know that there is something about me that’s kind of like them, I guess. I want people to come and talk with me and share a piece of their mind and listen to the billions of things that I blabber on complain about. Oh and i want my blog to be popular enough that people want pins with like my work/blog name on it. i love when people do that.

I want to one day use this as a platform for more stuff; maybe fashion designing if one day i choose that. or if one day i (fingers crossed) become like Samantha Brown or World of Wanderlust and get paid to travel the world and i tell people about my adventures on this blog. or what if i use this to write a book like every youtuber on the face of this planet?

i would love to have the following count one day that allows me to boost/promote other people with what they are doing, not just blogs. And I have no idea how to get there but…yeah. I have not even a clue why i made this blog but i love it and i want people to love it too.
The world is just a recycling and improvement of ideas and I want these ideas to be spread around.


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