Meet Me




20 / Student / Art History Major

I enjoy photography and Marlon Brando and I’m starting to like every color on the spectrum (except purple). Trying my best to learn German (and Spanish too after my trip to Puerto Rico… And now Japanese after the Summer Olympics wrapped up… but mostly German since I’m on a a year abroad in Switzerland). If I have my sunglasses on, I am staring at you. When I watch Project Runway, my brain finds creativity that’s usually hard to dig up. I’m a vegetarian. I’m here for you, and to show you my life. Have fun, be inspired. And also laugh bc I try super hard to b funny.

As of 10/18/17


Currently Reading: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Current Series I’m Watching: Project Runway (season 7)

Just Finished Watching: Narcos season 3 (didn’t finish but wish it would just be over already i don’t like it)

Current Crush: Me

Favorite Word/Phrase: “Exactly”

What I Can’t Wait For: When I buy a falafel at the station–idk when but i can’t wait





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