An Announcement

So a couple of weeks ago I was accepted to study abroad in Switzerland! I’ll be going for an academic year, so I’ll leave around the beginning of September 2017 and come back around the end of May 2018!

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I’ll be studying art history and German. I have so many friends studying abroad in Europe during the same time so I’m glad to not be completely alone while also having my space (none of them are studying in Switzerland with me, but they are all close). I can’t wait to explore, and do so many new things, and redo the old things!

I don’t know what that means for this blog, but hopefully I’ll be updating it. I honestly want to do vlogs for it. I said I would do vlogs for my first year of college, but if you look back you will see I only did orientation week and first day and then I disappear until it’s the last day of classes.

Does anyone have any study abroad tips? I don’t usually get on Pinterest, but I have created a Switzerland board. Can’t wait to be back (I say as I type with a straight face and dead eyes)!

If you want to see what I got up to the last time I was in Europe, here is a blog post where I took excerpts from my journal. And here is a post about me comparing it to the two other big trips I took in the last three years.


An Announcement

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