Exclusive Interview with 2018 Me


So I wanted to do this through a video and post it on Youtube, but my whole family is at home right now and in close vicinity, so I’ll quietly post it on a platform that I actually tell people about. I have a few questions for my 2018 me, that I’ll put a reminder in my email to do another post answering these said questions.

I’m at a rickety wooden table in a police station. I have a dim yellow light above my head, and I’m looking in a double-sided mirror. There is a stack of papers in my hand, riddled with my future me’s questions. I have on the ruby ring that I got for Christmas, poodle patterned pajama pants (woah), and a Young Life t-shirt. My feet brush against a cold cement floor, and I adjust my glasses. Chris Pine comes in, with a police badge and a cup of coffee in hand, and nods to me, “She’s here”. I blink at him and look back at the mirror, smirking at my reflection as I know a 20 year old me can see the old me. I divert my attention for 2.3 seconds to Chris Pine’s butt in dark gray slacks as he exits. Immediately after, I look back at the mirror, tapping the stack of papers on the table and clearing my throat.

19 y.o. Kennedy: Hello me. Where are you right now? I’m in my room at home.

19K: I think 2016 was mostly shitty because no one really saw it coming. I give it a 4/10. Now going into 2017, I am bracing for it, so maybe it won’t be so bad since I’m not giving too much hope into it? Rate 2017.

19K: 2017 in three words?

19K: What did you do for your birthday?

19K: Favorite song?

19K: What skill did you learn?

19K: What did you learn about yourself?

19K: #girlbossmoment?

19K: Boyfriend?

19K: Tattoos?

19K: Best day? (2016 for me was the entire week of Puerto Rico)

19K: Worst day? (2016 for me was my car accident in December)

19K: Last song on my ‘Feel Good’ playlist? Is it still called ‘Feel Good’? (2016- “That Other Girl” Sevdaliza)

19K: Wow at this point you don’t have to take German anymore. How do you feel?

19K: Did Mr. Kate get to 1 million subscribers?

19K: The last movie you watched?

19K: Favorite color? (2016-mustard)

19K: How are you feeling?

See you later!!!!!!!!!


Exclusive Interview with 2018 Me

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