3 is a Magic Number: Three Trips in Three Years


Listen & Read (each song was the main song I listened to while in each location):

King and Cross – Asgeir

Free-For-All – Ted Nugent

What I Got – Sublime

I’ve been to Florida (10-20 times), Tennessee (twice), South Carolina (once), and New York (once… this is the one that doesn’t seem to fit, and that’s because it was with my high school marching band). All four of these places were taken by one form of transportation: automobile. Yes, imagine three coach buses of 14-18 year olds en-route to NYC. I thought my spine had disintegrated.

Then, before the summer of 2013, I found out about a trip with my high school to Switzerland and Italy for the summer of 2014. After all the Samantha Brown episodes on the travel channel I’ve seen, the Lizzie McGuire movie, and the fanfictions based in places I’ve always dreamt of going, I’m finally traveling… someplace big… by plane.

It’s like I’m on a wagon, packed full on Fanta lemon sodas and neck pillows, and someone kicked me down a road. I’m at full speed, so far traveling somewhere cool once a year for the past three years.

So, I’m gonna judge them. Society has raised me well. In the order that I went on these trips, I’ll give a brief overview. However, if you want something more in depth, I have written about each and every one of these trips: Europe, New York, Puerto Rico part one & two.

Place: Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City

When: June 5-14, 2014

Travel Buddies: AP Art History class, which included my best friends and their moms

Three Moments I Loved:

  1. Taking the multiple cable cars down from Mt. Pilatus
  2. The sunset from our hotel near Venice

One Thing I Didn’t Like: … Walking Tours… enough said.

If I Could Go Back and Give Myself Some Tips: There’s something called packing lightly. You should try it some time.

Would I Go BackYES NO yes to Switzerland. It was really clean and safe. The only reason I would go back to Italy would be to redo the entire trip. I would only go back because the last one was below par, not because I actually want to go back… That sounds super harsh


Place: New York, New York

When: June 10-13, 2015

Travel Buddies: my mom

Three Moments I Loved:

  1. Receiving the laptop that I’m typing on right now
  2. Ew I don’t want to say this but… meeting Cody Simpson.
  3. Putting on my shades and looking like I had somewhere to go (until we came to a point when we had to turn, then I just looked totally lost)

One Thing I Didn’t Like: Getting lost and being late because I was so lost

If I Could Go Back and Give Myself Some Tips: Speak up more. I am only here for one full day, and it’s not hard to make friends, especially when they put us in groups.

Would I Go BackYES NO of course I would go back.

Place: Puerto Rico

When: March 5-11, 2016

Travel Buddies: classmates that I barely knew their last names but became really close during and after the trip

Three Moments I Loved:

  1. First of all, there are too many moments that I loved to count.
  2. Being at a music and art festival at 2:00 a.m. like a true young adult
  3. Laughing so hard my throat continued to hurt during that trip

One Thing I Didn’t Like: Having to stop everything we were doing because classmates would disappear frequently.

If I Could Go Back and Give Myself Some Tips: All I chances I wanted to take, I should take them. Go to that club with your friends even though you’re tired, get that selfie, start the small talk.

Would I Go BackYES NO anyone that knows me knows how bad I did not want to leave, but I would only go back if I could go with the same people and see the same people there and do the same volunteer work. Which is actually impossible, but…

“What’s next for me,” you ask? I’ll agree with you, I gotta keep this streak up. 2017 has to be bigger and better. I think I see Europe in my sights. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Auf Wiedersehen,



3 is a Magic Number: Three Trips in Three Years

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