Don’t Boo, Vote.


John Ritter, after James Rosenquist, President Elect


If you don’t vote, you’re letting someone else have control. Let’s keep it short, sweet, and simple. I procrastinate. I’m human. However, with this election, I have become a parent, a leader, an old person quite frankly with me stressing how important it is to vote. This year of literally all years. I saw on twitter someone saying that this election day is like the season finale of America. It’s so true! It’s a big deal and who knows what next season will be like, but the world is watching and hopefully hoping we don’t fuck this up. I high key don’t care if you think Hillary is a liar, I do too, but we have to band together to make sure Trump and his actual minions of supporters, some who used to be my friends,  don’t step foot in that office.

For a while, I thought my registration didn’t go through, and I stopped caring about making sure it did. Until I saw this Buzzfeed video, about mass shootings in America, and I went straight into the description box, into this link, and registered to vote (again, but I didn’t know that at the time). Watch it, even though Buzzfeed is problematic, this was heartfelt and powerful.

So, I won’t try to explain further why you should register, because I’m sure others have done it, and done it well, so please watch/read what they have to say. All you have to Google is “Why I should Vote”.

I have links for you, and I hope you look into them. Don’t boo, vote.

Look at who your senators and house representatives are. Contact them. They are hired for you.


The last dates to register to vote are here.



Don’t Boo, Vote.

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