Goals for My Upcoming School Year


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It’s that time of the year again. School is right around the corner, and I literally am already beginning my legendary procrastination process by not getting ready for this upcoming semester!!!!111 But anyways, here are ten goals/rules I want to keep for myself during this school year. Tell me what yours are or what you wish yours should have been.


Speak up in class. I always get this urge to speak up. This urge turns into a burn, and it makes my entire body feel like it’s melting the clothes right off of me. Like I can’t concentrate on the lecture from the overwhelming feeling of compressing my voice and trying to force it out at the same time. Whether it’s answering a question, asking a question, or trying to clarify something, my anxiety meter feels like it bursts. Tbh I have gotten better, but it’s still pretty bad. So this year I really want to let myself be curious.


Go to office hours. The importance of knowing your teachers and making sure your teachers know you becomes super real when you need four teacher recommendations for all of the internships and jobs you apply to. Just the thought of some of them probably scraping at the bottom of the barrel for adjectives that aren’t basic to describe me when I’ve never spoken up in class and never visited them in their office hours… Yikes. I remember one teacher that literally begged us every class to come visit them in their office hours. Which I should have done, because they graded hard as hell and I’m sure they knew that.


Eat in a way where I won’t feel guilty later. I take three cookies and feel the weight of guilt afterwards. I fly past the vegan stand and beeline towards the pizza and I try my best to ignore my mind telling me, “Just get one… ok well just get two…”. Either I’m going to pig out or I’m going to eat clean, but I’m not going to put myself down for either one.


No Netflix Monday-Thursday. I tried this the last two weeks of school and I think it may have forced myself to do more. And I have something to look forward to the entire week. The only thing is…. Narcos season two comes out on a Wednesday…. so


Gym on weekdays. I tried this the entire month of November, and then December during break I drank SO MUCH WATER. I want to combine those two things but throughout the school year. The only reason I don’t want to workout during the weekend is because my gym is so small, and I can barely snag a treadmill at certain times during the weekday.


Visit a counselor. At my school, they are doing this new thing where we can contact them anonymously, which makes me think that they are trying to get more people to talk to someone. I enjoy getting stuff off my chest, but strictly and only with strangers. And I’m starting my first job, so I know extra stress should be released.


Stay on schedule as best I can. I always want to have a schedule, even though I probably only fully follow it one good time, then I forget about it. I was watching Shameless, and Lip’s kind of girlfriend/roommate’s ex-girlfriend made him a schedule and it inspired me to really want to try again with my schedule making.


Wake up early for breakfast. I already was doing this every day during school, but I felt like I have to write it down just to remind myself how important it was to me last year.


Keep my environment clean. I’ve recently found out that my totally cool almost roommate isn’t attending my school anymore, so it looks like I’m going to be living in a dorm by myself (I think, hopefully). Last year, my friends and I have concluded that the only reason most of us have a clean room at school and a messy room at home is because we are living with someone else at school and we are basically keep our side clean for them. This is pretty freaky now that I’ll be alone, so I want to make sure my room is clean because it feels good when it is.


Love myself. Similar to my 2016 goals post, I want to love myself and focus on myself and marry myself. I am going to school for me, which is stressful and fills me with guilt, but I want to make sure that I check on myself. Making sure I shower, I comb my hair, I moisturize my skin, I talk to people from home, I paint my nails, I meditate, I stretch, I drink water, I take not too little but not too many naps, I dance, I leave my dorm, I leave my campus, I take off from the internet.

Well there we go! I think these things are things that I actually can do, but the one thing in most of them is self control. All of these things kind of go  within a schedule, and I want to make sure I follow that, because I am only trying to better myself.

Have a good school year,


Goals for My Upcoming School Year

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