Dark Skies & Denim: OOTD

Wish it was raining men

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Skinless Part 1 – Deco Child

rain wordpress

rain wordpress1I never iron my clothes– like ever. Similar things could be said about my hair. I enjoy braiding my curls out of my face and taking the braids out the next day infused with coconut oil. But there’s a catch with my hair– I can never guarantee if my hair will look cute after the arm-killing cornrows. On this day, my hair certainly did not look cute after taking out the arm-killing cornrows, so the low ponytail and baseball cap had to do. I like the sporty, dashing out of the door look it gave to kind of a dressy rest of the outfit.

I bought this festive shirt at a thrift store when I went shopping for clothes for Puerto Rico. We were looking for pants and long sleeve shirts because of the Zika virus, but I definitely left with a pile of tank tops, Hawaiian shirts, and shorts. It’s always a good surprise how much most of my thrift purchases fit, seeing as thrift stores almost never have dressing rooms.rain wordpress2

I love my denim skirt. It has shoe laces as a cincher for my waist and it’s the perfect fingertip length. I always tuck my top into high-waisted bottoms, but today I wanted to try something new. And whatever I eat, no one could even see my food baby bump through my tight skirt. It makes me look like I actually have a butt.

My one and only pair of strappy sandals. Still slowly falling apart, still making me trip and almost fall. I wear these things to job interviews, trips to get ice cream, and even around the house with the straps undone and the buckles clanking against the ground. They are my handy dandy, trusted, and most loyal shoes I own (other than my white converse). rain wordpress3

My little brown bag has been with me almost as long as my sandals have been. I got it in a small store in Florence for fifteen Euros, and I was probably wearing these shoes. It is crazy how much stuff I can fit in it. Even bags that look wider can only fit half of the things I can put in here. My phone, disposable camera, sunglasses, wallet, and keys, along with my chapstick, earbuds, and kind notes that friends wrote to me in the side pocket.

H A T – from a local beach store in FL

T O P – thrifted

S K I R T – thrifted

S A N D A L S – tjmaxx

P U R S E – from a local store in IT




Dark Skies & Denim: OOTD

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