If I Can Learn to Do it…

“Now shoulders back, and stand up tall, and do not walk but try to float…”

All photos are still frames from the movie Anastasia (1997)


I am back with a post about the things I want to learn how to do! I at least want to do two of these things. Tell me in the comments about things you want to learn to do.

Listen & Read:

A Rumor in St. Petersburg – Stephen Flaherty

Learn to Do it – Kelsey Grammar, Stephen Flaherty

Paris Holds the Key (to Your Heart) – Stephen Flaherty

Network – It’s more like getting over my fear of speaking to people I don’t know but with benefits. I feel like it’s so uncomfortable, like I kind of just awkwardly step into a bubble of three people, one of them is the “golden person”, like the person you want to network with, and I just stand there and wait for my turn. It’s the worst. Did you know people are making student “business” cards? Like you just put your name and college and class on there and there is no business part.

Code – Ok so technically, I don’t really know what computer coding entails. Exactly why I need to learn it. I know you need it to make a website, but I know there is other stuff to do with it, I just don’t know what it is.


Sew – I knew for a few months, maybe a year, how to use a sewing machine. That was sixth grade. I can hand sew, but it takes so long! And my lines are barely ever straight. How much fun would it be to make your own shirts. Or pants, or bras, or whatever.

Skate – For mobility and the aesthetics. Also for cool action pictures. I don’t even care to do tricks, I just want to be able to balance confidently and be able to squat really low.

Swim – I refuse to go through my adult life and not know how to swim! It’s so embarrassing to tell people that I can’t swim. Band camp nights in the pool were spent forcing my friends to stay with me in the shallow end and yelling at the soon to be frat boys, “I can’t swim!”, since they loved to pick up and flip people in the water. I want to dive and float and oh yeah I also want to be lifeguard certified. I don’t want to actually work as a lifeguard, but you know, if someone needs help and no one else is around, I’m here.

Surf – I won’t mind to wait until after college to learn this. I really have to build up my courage to do it. Of course, I don’t want to be a pro, but I want to balance and have this as a really cool hobby.


Instrument – I want to play guitar, preferably. I asked for one for Christmas literally a decade ago, and I got one, but here I still am.

Languages – I want to learn German (in progress) and Spanish (developed after my trip to PR). However, now I really want to also learn sign language and maybe French (never thought I would want to learn French, but word on the art history street is that you need French if you want to pursue art history in photography… which I may possibly want to do). To me, not caring to learn another language is so selfish, and you’ll find yourself so cut off at times. Believe it or not, in America you don’t speak “American” and Spanish might as well also be an official language.

I wish there was a chip I could put in my brain to just learn German already,


If I Can Learn to Do it…

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