My Vision Board

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So I made a vision board that actually looks good, and I thought I would share it. Some things represent kind of obvious things and dreams, like my initials or the baby in the corner. But some (a lot) of the images go a little deeper (and some pictures I just wanted on there – Leo DiCaprio – and I made the symbolism afterwards).

Read and Listen:

Crush (크러쉬) – Sometimes(가끔)

IMG_1012 [8719102]
Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington / Mr. President & Olivia Pope

Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington / Mr. President & Olivia Pope. So this was one of the ones that I cut out with my scissors first and thought about later. But I love their characters on Scandal and they seem like just nice people and good friends to each other in real life! But when it comes to Fitz and Olivia, they are both strong, independent characters with a lot of passion for one another. Their conversations are always filled with such emotion. – Friendship, strength, love, passion.

IMG_1010 [8719084]
Money & Power: That’s She Said

Money & Power (That’s What She Said). These two phrases were probably from two different magazines, but as I was organizing and reorganizing the images on my bed, I put them together and then instantly loved the new mantra: “Money and Power,” That’s What She Said. To me, it promotes my goals as an individual and my goals as a female. I imagine being the creative director, editor-in-chief, CEO, or head curator, pushing open the glass door of my workplace with “Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine blasting. My legs are moisturized, I have a confident stride, I smile at everyone, I never let The Man get to me, people look at me for courage and inspiration – Leader, money, power, confidence, feminism.

IMG_1008 [8719083]

Globetrotter. I guess this one is kind of clear, but like most people, I want to travel. Obviously going to the nicest hotels in Hawaii is on the list, but I also want to see how people I can’t really relate to live as well (not that I can relate to rich people, but you know). Wherever my ancestors came from I want to know everything about that, too. Speaking of which, I will be getting my Ancestry results back soon (!!!!!) and I was debating on whether I was going to accept/identify as/explore the white part of my culture (bc apparently my ancestors have been in the same state since the 1700s so it’s clear they were slaves/slave owners), but then I decide that I can’t just reject who I am. Just because I accept it, it doesn’t mean I am proud of what some of them did, and I’ll still be going to wherever in Europe my blood came from – Exploring, identity, self acceptance.

IMG_1013 [8719103]
Gunn Laws

Gunn Laws. I feel like I have to explain this one because it could be misinterpreted. Firstly, I wanna say that I think their should be stronger laws on gun control, but that’s a totally different matter. This was the title of an article about Tim Gunn. I have honestly been watching Project Runway since I’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model, and that goes back to elementary school (I’m a freshman in college, just so new readers know). I have looked up to him so much, and even though I don’t know him, I think he’s great. He’s funny and wise and emotional (I’ve decided to reclaim that word, emotional and sensitive, because I’m emotional and sensitive and I want it to stop being seen as a bad or weak thing) and even my parents love him. If I could have anyone as my life coach it would be him (or Oprah) – Mentor, humor, wisdom, sensitivity.

I challenge you to make a dream board/ vision board! I remember Tyler Oakley used to make them and a lot of his images came true! If that gives you any motivation



My Vision Board

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