Resolution, Revolution: My 2016 Goals

2016 goals


Short and sweet. That’s how I want my resolutions to be. Initially, I didn’t even have a resolution; I find that I never actually come through with any of them, if I even remember any of them. But then my friend sent me her resolution, just two goals she had, and I decided to copy her:

2016 goals marry

  1. Marry Yourself. If you’ve watched the video of the Ted Talk about marrying yourself, you’ll know what that entails (and you should really watch it). But I also think it means to take care of yourself as well. Like sometimes I choose not to wash my face everyday, or I spend days without combing out my hair. I know I have to marry myself right now where I am, but I also think I have to care for myself, too. Moisturize my skin, always take my makeup off, eat healthy foods.

2016 goals school

 2. Excel in School. I got a C+ on a class that I was forced to take as a freshman, but nevertheless its still a C+. This grade brought down my GPA, and I now might have to say goodbye to the 35k scholarship that is basically keeping me at this school. I won’t allow this to happen again. Good grades bring more scholarships and happier parents that are willing to reward you. It’s as simple as that. Take every extra credit opportunity, make your professor’s office your second home, study over Netflix.

And that’s it. Literally. Now these are two things I could remember. And if you wanna steal it too, go right ahead. Tell me how you’re getting along with your resolutions.

Happy New Year,


Resolution, Revolution: My 2016 Goals

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