Grow Up: 2015 Favorites

“Some of us have to grow up sometimes. Decide. If I have to, I’m gonna leave you behind…” – Grow Up, Paramore

I haven’t been back for a favorites post in a long time. I feel like the first half of the year went by so fast! Here’s a few things I loved this year.

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12:59 Lullaby – Bedouin Soundclash

Youth – Ben Khan

Lost – Frank Ocean



  1. Graduation. Honestly, it’s true, this was by the far the best day of my life so far. I didn’t know we were actually going to throw our hats up in the air until the day before the ceremony. All my friends told me it only happened in the movies. The build up was to die for. It was the first time they held the ceremony in a horse park stadium, ground full of sand and the sun just beginning to set with an orange tint covering the 200+ of us taking our next step into adulthood. We all walked down the ramps to get to that warm sand as underclassman played the traditional graduation song with their instruments. We sat where we were supposed to and sat quietly (which was hella surprising if you knew our class); maybe we were all nervous. The people with honors stood up to get our diplomas, and I hugged my psych teacher. I heard my bestfriend scream as I walked across the stage (I was afriad everyone would be silent). We all switched our tassels from one side to the other and fireworks burst in my stomach. We stood in unison and I found my partner. Everyone crowded into a huddle and threw their hat in the air. I yelled. I cried. I left.


2. Gigi Hadid. I think she was everyone’s favorite this year. She was every where. Magazines, youtube, instagram, runways, MUSIC VIDEOS (WATCH “HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE”), and now she’s gonna be a fashion designer. Her style is amazing and she seems so nice and humble! For some reason, I look up to her, even though I can’t think of any relations between us. Anyway, I was obsessed with her this year, and I’m proud of her for rising in popularity.


 3. Netflix. I got Netflix Christmas Day last year, and I haven’t turned back. Sons of Anarchy. Parks and Rec. Peaky Blinders. Scandal. Frasier. This is so dramatic, but like where would I be without full seasons of these shows? How would college be without Netflix to distract me from everything? So worth it.


4. Kingdom. I mean I was gonna watch this show anyway because I’ve been riding with Nick Jonas for ten years now… until I found out it was exclusively on DirectTV?! I didn’t know people even still had DirectTV! So I gave up on that dream very quickly. Then, a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through twitter, and I saw Nick retweet something: “Kingdom Season 1 is now free for a limited time on iTunes”. I am not over-exaggerating when I say that I stopped everything I was doing and downloaded the iTunes app, then patiently waited a day for all the episodes and BTS to load. Whether Nick was acting in the show or not, I made a very good decision. If the show is still free, I recommend you get it! The acting is amazing and it manages to have really good drama while also making you laugh. It’s so real… And also Nick Jonas is an added bonus (who is also a good actor!)

SCAN00015 [37332]

5. College. I don’t know if this is a weird thing, but literally driving back home for break makes me so sad. I literally am so excited to pack and so happy to close my dorm door behind me and so thrilled to load my stuff… but then I get in the car and I’m like…fuck. I would rather be back at college. Maybe because I know that my family is only an hour away if I needed them, or maybe because my dorm room is a stress free zone full of Netflix and thrift clothes. But I just love the essence of college. Like literally walking to your friend’s room is so much easier than having to find a date and time to drive and see your other home friends. If you get the chance to attend college, don’t underappreciate it.

6. This summer. As you might have seen in my summer favorites, this was my favorite summer. I’ve never been out of the house so much in my entire life. And of course, no band camp, blah blah blah you’ve heard me cheer about not having band camp a million times.


7. “Alright”. With all of the social injustice going on in America alone, Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ really put an artistic voice on this situation. “Alright” is my favorite song off of the album. The lyrics have become captions of multiple of my Instagram posts. It just makes me feel do good. Like everything really is going to be fine. They can’t hold us down.

8. Civil Rights Museum. Honestly this was such a touching place to be. Especially with all of the cool technology throughout the museum; it teaches you in so many ways. I sat down at a mock-up sit in booth and put on headphones. I heard glass shatter around me and men breathing down my neck saying that were going to kill me. My chair shook and my palms were so sweaty! I know it cannot amount to what truly happened in the sixties, but it really scared me. Like I couldn’t even close my eyes I had to stare at myself in the mirror to remind myself that it wasn’t real… And of course there was plenty of other informative things in that museum that really touched me. Although I’ve only been once, it’s a 2015 favorite because it’s something I know my ancestors had to go through, and it reminds me of then compared to where we are now. Better, although still very shameful.


9. Camp. If you have been a long time reader, you will remember me talking about being a guest at camp, then going back to that same camp a few months later to be a waitress. Both times were so much fun, although one was more tiring than the other! I had to make sure to add this because I realized I was only adding things that happened from the second half of the year! Everything else was a blur; I can’t believe this even happened earlier this year it feels so long ago! If you want to hear more about each time, read this and this!

Kennedy's pictures 1045

10. Prom 2015. Although I’ve probably admitted on here that I loved my 2014 dress way more than this year’s dress, this year I just did not care about how I acted. What I mean by this is me and my friends went straight to the front of the dance floor and danced like crazy! The lights penetrated our skin and made us the happiest people alive, never wanting to leave that moment. Once you stop giving a fuck about if the cute boy has spotted you from across the room, you realize that you’re really just there to have a good time. So good of a time that your wrap dress falls open (yes, that happened… I danced way too hard to “Get Low”). Luckily, this wasn’t the only dance I went to this year, I went to about three more afterwards, and I just love dances! I never feel myself more than when the music is playing and the lights cloud my judgment.


11. Vegetarian. I actually, truthfully, finally committed to cutting out all meat. There’s always a healthy and an unhealthy way to going vegetarian/vegan. I could have a salad and a tofu dish, but instead for the first few months of being in college (I started being a vegetarian the day I moved into my dorm) I had fries, pizza, and a dessert for every meal. Still vegetarian, but very very very unhealthy. Although I regret eating that badly, I do not regret the life decision of choosing to no longer eat meat.

Kennedy's pictures 1103

12. Disposable Cameras. I have had approximately 3 disposable cameras this year, and I hope they never run out of business. It’s that vintage filter, that surprise of the one photo you forgot you took, that makes it so worth buying another one. And if one day technology just ceases to work, I have photos that I can actually hold in my hand that remind me of the places I’ve been and the people I chose to be with.


I hope your year was amazing, but not as good as 2016 is gonna be! Enjoy your countdown days till the new year,




Grow Up: 2015 Favorites

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