It’s Christmas Break & I’m Bored.


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Beat the holiday boredom. I gotta few tips for ya.

Listen & Read:

Christmas Don’t Be Late – Leah Felder

Wonderful Christmastime – Paul McCartney

Jingle Bells – Sugar and The Hi Lows

largeRetail therapy. You should totally save your money, but spending it is fun too, especially when you buy other people stuff! And the sales! It’s very calming being in your bed and knowing something is coming to your doorstep soon with a few simple clicks, and if you want to go to the mall, you can make a day out of it with your friends (and no shipping costs)!

Exercise. Release endorphins while wasting time until Christmas (or any holiday!). Not only are you making sure your body isn’t going to shrivel up over break, but you’ll feel good about yourself all day.

Podcasts. Perfect for working out. Psychobabble is a must, it makes you smile (if you sometimes find vulgar stuff humorous)!

Read. If you are a student, get Amazon Prime six months free and get so many books in two days for no extra money! Especially motivational/inspiring books- those keep you going and keep you dreaming. I just bought Teen Vogue Handbook and I am living my life right now.tumblr_static_dp2kb8sffmgcwgwc00o8scoc4

Write. Work your body as well as your mind. Write down daydreams and make them into stories. Write an entry in your diary. Write a letter to your friend that hasn’t gotten out of school yet. Write an email to your future self! I do that all the time! And I literally forget what day I sent it the minute after I press send, so most of the time I’m surprised when I receive it!

Learn. Duolingo. If you think you don’t need to learn another language you are wrong.

Meditate. I have the “Calm” app, and it’s so nice! There are so many ways to meditate on there and you really build concentration!

Happy Holidays,


P.S. I download the KimK game…. again. For the third time in my life. That’s what I’ll be doing this break. But that sucks the life out of you, so I do not recommend.

It’s Christmas Break & I’m Bored.

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