Christmas List

IMG_0135 [1549506]
photo by me | the tree in the dining hall
It’s only ten days until Christmas! And I’ve been gone for so long…but now finals are over and gift giving is here.


Listen & Read:

Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy – Pentatonix ft. Tori Kelly

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses


Even though I have already made my Christmas List, I still like knowing what’s on everyone else’s! Which is probably a bad idea because every time I ask my friends what they want I add another thing to my own list… But if you’re like me and are just curious, or you really have no idea what you or your friends/family wants, keep reading. I have plenty of stuff for you to add on to your list.

  1. Ancestry DNA ($100)- I get to finally find out about my ancestors and what countries they came from! Ever since the World Cup, I’ve become obsessed with everything about Brazil, so I’m kind of hopitumblr_mehxxdF3PT1rgpyeqo1_400ng I’m just a tiny bit Brazilian. Also German, so me making that language my minor will have some meaning behind it.
  2. Amazon giftcard- literally, what can’t you get on Amazon? And if you are a student, you get six months of Amazon Prime for FREE. I’ve still got three months until they charge me $60, so I’m going to use this to my advantage.
  3. PSG knit hat ($30)-kind of expensive for a beanie, but I really like that soccer team and I need to keep my head warm!
  4. Sleep mask ($20)- because I hate putting my face under the covers and I’m tired of wrapping scarves around my eyes. Preferably, I would like silk.
  5. Money- who can go wrong with just asking for money? A sleeping mask won’t help me with the day after Christmas sales. (always hit up Lush first because their stuff always gets sold out quick, and you are practically guaranteed to not get what you ordered in the mail)
  6. Solid black leggings($10)- leggings r pants.tumblr_static_dp2kb8sffmgcwgwc00o8scoc4
  7. Earbuds($20)- either I’m going deaf in one ear of my earbuds are giving out.
  8. Adidas ($80)-I didn’t put these on my list but I want the Stan Smith one’s so bad!
  9. SoulPancake book ($15)- I love the youtube channel and I think Rainn Wilson is the best.
  10. The Future is Female shirt($30-40)- Cara Delevinge’s release of a t-shirt where all proceeds go to girls and their health and education. I want the sweatshirt and the short sleeve! They stop selling them December 27!!

And that’s it, I think as we get older, our lists become more and more rational. But I hope this helped in some way or form! Happy Holidays!


The Christmas Elf





Christmas List

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