Leaf the Heat Behind: Autumn/Winter Must Haves

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I’m not one for actual shopping. Like actual new clothes shopping. I’m the average thrifter, as seen in my post about summer faves, but for some reason I have the itch to go crazy. Maybe it’s the change of the season, maybe it’s because now that I’m in college my favorite mall is now only 20 minutes away as opposed to an hour away when I’m home, but here are some of my must haves for the chillier seasons ahead. Maybe I’ll give you a few ideas…

Let’s start from the bottom up, shall we?



Alrighty, so at $1500 these shoes are just a distant dream, but I really want over-the-knee boots! Particularly suede. I’m unsure whether they will lengthen or shrink my 5’5″ frame, but perhaps the little heel will help out. Pair these with black skinny jeans, a nice soft and cheap black tee, and a leather jacket, or dark wash jeans and your favorite sweater.



So this girl at my school has similar ones to these but in black and I absolutely loved them I don’t know why. So I found them in this color and also all black and a purple! At $145 these skin tone sneakers aren’t impossible but I may have to wait until Christmas… Pair them with a casual midi dress or your best jeans and a body suit.



Ok so I just realized this is another suede shoe… Suede is honestly going to be a thing for me this fall. I wanted the all white sneakers but I saw how they look when they are dirty, and the only white shoes I enjoy to get dirty are my Converse high tops. These Adidas are sadly sold out, but they would have been so nice, and I love the color! Pair these with a denim skirt and that patterened long sleeve shirt you love, or thin black and white stripes, whether it be a tee or a dress.



Yeah I’m the girl that enjoys wearing leggings as pants. I’m actually wearing leggings as pants right now. But even if you aren’t into wearing leggings as pants, buy a pair anyways. You’ll need them when it starts to get really cold and you need an extra layer! Last year I wore leggings and a long sleeve shirt under my clothes. These Theory leggings are super expensive, but you can get good leggings from anywhere, for cheap! Pair these with a big sweater and boots, in my opinion.

tumblr_nv6s43E4Ml1snsm1uo1_1280#1 Jeans

You’ll most likely always tend to go towards one pair of jeans when it gets cold, so make sure to get a pair that won’t fall apart. Yes, that may mean spending a little more than the $12 F21 jeans (idk how mine are still intact), but it’ll be worth it. Tbh I’ve never spent more than $40 on a pair of jeans so you don’t have to reach to get good pair. American Eagle have good jeans, OR you can always shop at your local thrift store. That’s where majority of my jeans were from; I even got Calvin Klein’s which are hopefully sturdy for the $9 that I paid for them. Pair your #1 jeans with literally anything.


So it’s gonna start getting really cold soon. And you’re gonna get out of bed with a blanket around your head not even caring what you wear. Overalls/dungarees are the solution. It takes you .3 seconds to slip them on and they’re looser than regular jeans. These overalls are sold at around $300, but overalls are still a trend now so rest assured, you’ll find overalls in a lot of stores! Pair these with that bralette you’ve been dying to wear and a chunky cardigan, or Birks and your college sweatshirt.



I’m so into body suits rn. And turtle necks. These combined was the perfect idea. AA sells tons of bodysuits, and you’ll probably find them cheaper than this $400 suit. Pair this with a blanket-like shawl with all of your favorite necklaces or a high-waist skirt.


Comfy Cozy

Along with your #1 pair of jeans, you’ll for sure have you #1 sweater/sweatshirt that you always snag from your closet right before you’re out the door. This cute little galaxy sweatshirt is sold out, but you can find a cute one at your local thrift store, and make sure to wash it twice! This top will be there for you when it’s 2 am and you wake up with the chills, when you have to take out the trash quickly, or when your BFF texts you and wants to hang out in 5. Pair this with your jeans, of course!

72196Green-F_1Knit Tank

Not ready for summer to end yet? At only $19, this tank can keep you warmer than your everyday swim suit top. Slip some gold accessories on and pair it with a jean jacket or high waist mom jeans.



Throw it back to girl scouts, sew on your fave patches and make your denim jacket unique. Ever since I watched Sons of Anarchy, I’ve wanted my own patch on the back of my outwear. This is another pricy item, but I needed a good example! I imagine pairing this with a red one piece swim suit on a windy day at the beach. You all know I’ve been having hardcore beach craves.


Ok I think everything I’ve chosen has been way too expensive, but it’s the idea that counts! Burberry has been on top of the “wrap” aka “blanket-like shawl” thing and I love it. Stay warm in a fashion appropriate blanket and no one will know of the Led Zepplin t-shirt that you’ve been wearing for two days underneath. Pair it with the clothes that you wouldn’t mind covering up.

I hoped these articles inspired you to hit the racks, or at least search your closet for similars! Autumn is finally here, it’s time to act like it is.

Your stylist,


P.S. all of these items I found on my polyvore liked items page… probably why everything was so expensive… yikes

Leaf the Heat Behind: Autumn/Winter Must Haves

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