Bitter Sweet Summer Symphony: Summer Faves


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Family Hahas – Hindsight

Black Lips – Drugs

Modjo – Lady

Tbh, I’m not bitter sweet about the summer. Although I was born smack in the middle of the heat, winter is where my heart is. To me, feeling cold is way nicer than sweating and heaving, rolling up your sleeves to cover your pit stains, and getting bit by bugs (there has been a mosquito flying around in my shower the past two times). Winter is just… good. Christmas time always puts people in better spirits. I can hardly ice skate but it’s so much fun! And the burnt red lipstick (I think the correct term is: Divine Wine) that Hunter bought me is waiting to be used. I’m actually so excited to soon be at my house, not to see my family or the home cooked meals or to have my own room back for a few nights or see my great friends, but to snag my warm clothes!! I only have one sweater here and it has to be hand washed…

This is a list of my summer favorites, before I saw a quick and fake “bye” to Summer 2015.


1) What Is School Clothes Shopping?

2015-20-9--22-58-45   2015-20-9--22-51-57
Do you see these outfits (all of which I just realize I’m wearing the same shoes… that I have in my dorm right now)? These are outfits I’m gonna wear to college. The usual idea in high school/middle school is that when school begins, you practically start a new. You throw out basically half of your wardrobe because you know soon you’ll be shopping the Back-To-School discount racks and many stores later you’ll have new clothes to sport around for the first few weeks… and then you realize now you have like no clothes. Or did that just happen to me… Soon enough I caught on and by senior year I kept all of my clothes and didn’t even shop at Value Village. I literally just went in my clothes (and my sister’s clothes).
Let me tell you, two trips to Value Village (a thrift store, if you didn’t know) this summer and that was it. I got a few shirts, a lot of skorts, and a few pieces that make me feel like I’m in either 1750 or 1950.
2) My Natural State Isn’t Wet.
Back to the topic of high school, I am beyond pleased to announce that this summer, for the first time since 2010, I did not have band camp. No I didn’t wake up at 6 am in July to work all day everyday over a ten minute show on the football field. No I wasn’t forced into a cabin with 30 other girls for four days on a random camp site (the food was so good though omg). And no, I wasn’t slouched over in the patchy grass, focusing on not passing out. Do you want to know what I did? I took a nap. I got smoothies with friends. I watched Jurassic World. I finally was able to have a birthday party because I wasn’t on high school property running around with a bad knee.  It was like getting a massage for two months straight. The only person that yells at me now is my mom. Clearly I have strong feelings for this one, and I couldn’t be happier to not be constantly dripping with sweat.
3) Maybe She’s Born With It…
2015-20-9--17-10-06 2015-20-9--17-11-36
It wasn’t until the end of summer that I realized, “Hey, I haven’t put heat on my hair at all this summer”. Although there were tempting times, like New York and my party, I still didn’t do it. I will admit, I did come into the summer with straight hair (for graduation cap fitting purposes) and I left the summer with straight hair (for when I moved into college and I wanted to feel more comfortable with myself), but all inbetween was tangly, coconut nut oily, brown curls. I want to go ahead and give myself the “Way To Go” award because I’m actually super proud of myself. One day I’ll be so in love with my hair that I will find no point in having it straight (unless I want to fit it into a hat anytime soon).
4) Take A Bite Out of The Big Apple
2015-20-9--10-44-16Ok I’ll shut up about it already, but it was an awesome part of my summer. New York always leaves someone feeling strongly, whether they absolutely loved it or totally hated it. A trip there should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list.
5) Skins (UK)
Skins. omg. It’s like the type of thing that you hate to love. And then when you begin to accept that you actually do love it, it’s on to the next group of kids. By the time it got to those middle schoolers I skipped to season 7, but what I really want to talk about is the second group of kids, Effy’s generation. So if you have watched skins, awesome, if not, I may talk about something that might be considered a spoiler, but in my opinion it’s not major to the plot. However, it’s very important to me. So you can skip this one, or not, but I recommend you don’t.
Do you remember the twins? Katie and… the other one? Well one day, Katie (I think) went to the doctor because she missed her period and she thought she was pregnant. Turns out, she actually was going through premature menopause, so she couldn’t have kids. It was that sudden. And I freaked out. Tbh, sometimes I miss mine too… sometimes for three months. I kind of sat there in a daze, and then for the next few days I was very irritable, but one day I told my parents, and two weeks later I went to the doctors. So my condition was less serious, but because certain things in my body are off balance, I will have to become a vegan to keep my body healthy. If I keep eating the way I do, then one day I will be like Katie.
And that’s how a character from a fictional TV show basically saved me. Thanks, Katie
(love u Cook)
6) The Endless Summer
So this movie was saved on ‘My List’ on Netflix for a while, and one night I just randomly decided to watch it. I think it was just when I realized they took Lords of Dogtown off of Netflix and I wanted a beachy movie.
I just love The Endless Summer. Like that’s it. There are those cheesy jokes that you roll your eyes at but laugh anyway, and there are parts that make your heart melt too. It’s just a documentary of two surfers finding the best wave. It’s definitely the movie that gives you those tingles that crawl up your neck (ASMR?). 10/10 recommend, and I’ve only seen it once.
7) Beach Dreams 
Has the boat sailed? I still haven’t gone to the beach this summer, even though I’ve really been thinking about it, and I planned and re-planned it about four times. I would honestly go right now, but maybe it’s not meant to be just yet. I should learn how to swim, and then I can plan a trip all over again. I wanna wear my Anthro pants on the sand with just a bathing suit top.
8) Dorm 2015-20-9--22-34-12
 I’ve been wanting to style my actual room for years. And I wanted to make an office out of the guest room, so I had double the interior design ideas. But it just didn’t happen, I don’t know. And now, fast forward, I have a dorm that I styled and decorated with my own ideas and plans. I think next school year I’ll have way my yellows incorporated…
9) Veggie Burgers
OMG. The veggie burgers that they serve here have to be unhealthy because they are so good. I actually think they are called ‘Garden Burgers’… And I’m almost positive I won’t be able to eat them once I become vegan (I set a date for it: Dec. 3), but for now, biting into them is like biting into a donut… but not.
10) Coconut Oil
I talked about it briefly earlier, but it honestly was my partner in crime this summer. On my arms and legs to make them nice and smooth and shiny, on my hair obviously to keep it moisturized, and around my eyes to take off my makeup in the morning because I totally forgot to take it off last night. People say you can also use it on your face, but if you have oily skin, like me, don’t do it. We don’t need more oil than we already have!
Have a gr8 Autumn,
Bitter Sweet Summer Symphony: Summer Faves

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