Birthday Brooklyn Baby

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” — William Barclay


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So maybe I’m not from Brooklyn, but alliterations are more pleasing to the eye. My 18th just happened, and get this, it’s like it’s a whole new me. I cooked pigs in a blanket and cookies on that day all by myself. Way to conform to society’s gender norms the second I become a legal woman.Kennedy's pictures 1027

It was the first time I had that many people over my house. The max number I’ve ever had was two, for some reason. It was very last minute, and on a Tuesday, so people left and came at different times. It got up to six people at one point. That actually sounds like not a lot of people but it was a very weird feeling.

Finally being a woman is a weird feeling. My parents don’t have to sign a single thing. And I can actually watch everything on YouTube. And even today my mom told my sister that I’m 18 so I can wear whatever I want (I mean I technically could anyways, but i think it was to prove some kind of point) and hearing that was like woah…. I’m eighteen.

Kennedy's pictures 1029I didn’t have much birthday blues after my birthday, except when all of my friends left at once and I close the door to an empty living room, an almost dead phone, and a few missing polaroids.

But now it’s like I have so many plans for myself. I have had these plans for forever, but now it’s like “hey maybe they can actually come true”. I finally want to get a job. And I have all of these tattoo ideas. AND I CAN LEGALLY DATE CHRIS PINE. That’s where the true happiness is.

I’m the youngest out of my friend group, and now it’s like I have caught up to them. Well, until September when majority of my friends turn 19 (how abnormal is it that majority of my friends are Virgos…?). But I kind of enjoy being the baby– hence the title. I embrace it.Kennedy's pictures 1031

What I also embrace is college, even though there is a possibility that I’ll hate it as much as high school *knocks on wood*. Turning 18 and moving into my dorm are a little more than a month apart, so it’s like turning over a new leaf twice.

You only turn 18 once, and I think I did a pretty good job. I didn’t cry once, and even though it was hot, I wasn’t on the marching band practice field in 100 degree heat running around and hoping someone will see the “birthday girl” pin on my shirt.

Kennedy's pictures 1030However, I can’t necessarily say that this day was better than my sweet sixteen. Now that was fun. And really classy. I made everyone dress up in dresses and heels and we all had tea time at The Ritz like cute little pretend rich girls. We ate actual gold, and looked ravishing while doing so. Then we hit the mall and pretended to be from England, which somehow actually fooled people… I’m still surprised that it did because our accents are horrendous to one’s ears. And it just so happened that one of the workers had a friend from England, but he couldn’t remember from where. And somehow, the one place I knew the name of, other than London, was the perfect guess and the exact place his friend was from, which sealed the deal on them thinking I actually flew me and my friends out to America for my sweet sixteen (that’s what we told them). That was a super fun day… maybe for Christmas I’ll get The Ritz Kids back together… We haven’t seen one another in two years.

Anywho, back to being 18. I hardly want to even think about the responsibility that is attached to it. Like what the heck is a 401k? I still don’t know how to fill out a check… I’m gonna need some help with life.

Chris Pine if you’re reading this I’m young but ready 4 marriage,


Kennedy's pictures 1028

Birthday Brooklyn Baby

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