Sunset & Spade: OOTD

2015-15-8--18-14-10   2015-15-8--18-35-41

Sunset (Yellow) & (Kate) Spade

Listen & Read (a sixties song b/c I talked about Mad Men):

Don’t Worry Baby – The Beach Boys

I am in love with this kind of yellow. A mustard yellow? The kind that reminds you of a sunset, maybe. Untie the knot and I think Peggy Olsen (from Mad Men) would wear it. I want this shirt but in pillow form for my college dorm.

I wish my legs were longer so the jeans could be more cropped…. I just pull the legs up a bit and try to straighten out the rolls. My body is the shape of a rectangular prism so maybe these high waisted jeans/jeggings aren’t the most suitable for curve-less me… But they’re Topshop and at the time I had to own something from Topshop or I was going to explode.

IMG_8417As for the shoes, they’ve been through it. Walking hours on end in the hot Italian streets. I tripped a couple of times in them so the faux leather has scratched off a little? But they’re still holding on.

Just got my new glasses adjusted to fit my huge head. Thanks Warby Parker ♡.

T O P – thrifted

J E A N S – topshop

S H O E S – tjmaxx

N E C K L A C E – kate spade

G L A S S E S – warby parker

P U R S E – coach


Sally Draper x
P.S. I hope no one from college sees this because I’m definitely wearing this outfit again soon…

P.P.S. after i went to WP i walked over to Alice & Olivia, trying on $1,000 clothes and pretending to be rich. even chatting to a nice classy mother that bragged about how her daughter is a fashion designer. i wonder if a fooled them since i said i had to ask my parents if i could get the pants (which were really cute btw)….


Sunset & Spade: OOTD

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