“We didn’t realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun.” – Unknown

This sucks.

All your life, you’re basically forced into friendships. Classmates and group projects and playgrounds. You’re forced to have friends or else you’re weird. You make these friends (or don’t) and little do you know, your life changes. All of your nights are no longer spent at home, clothes get exchanged, walking from class to class is no longer the same, and even your personality can be altered.

Monica is the reason I shriek. Jonelle made me embrace ugly facial expressions. Hunter makes me jealous that I’m not nicer. Every time I snort when I laugh I think of Hannah. Josie makes me want to love my curly hair.

And so many more people that have shaped how I am today. And not one of us are going to the same college. We are being ripped apart from one another, if you will. It’s sad, but I don’t think I absolutely hate it.

Like any movie or show that I love, if a scene starts getting sketchy I go ahead and emotionally detach myself from any character that I enjoy, just in case he/she dies or leaves (usually dies). Maybe I’m already slowly detaching myself from my friends just incase they leave and I don’t see them again. Maybe that’s why I don’t absolutely hate it.

It’s just a ball of frustration, really. It’s only socially acceptable to have friends, and now these friends that you’ve told all of your secrets to and drove for hours with are essentially disappearing from your life. And although everyone is meant to leave their comfort zone and I’m excited for it and I say I’m ready, I’m not entirely sure that I am.

But friends are annoying and competitive and full of mistakes. Right? Then why, sometimes, am I so sad to leave them behind? As you can tell I’m absolutely, positively confused.

I found out that I got the roommate I wanted today. She is the beginning to the adult me. Maybe she’ll just be the girl I sleep near. Or maybe she’ll become the very equivalent of myself and we will literally spend every minute together. But I shouldn’t compare her to what my life and my friends used to be like. Because everything is new now… Everything is different. And I hope wherever my college life takes me I keep a close knit group of friends, whether they are from high school or not. And if they aren’t from highschool, I’ll never forget those memories. Timehop doesn’t allow that.

Your Friendly Ghost (hardly),



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