Another Go Round: April Favorites


Wow. It’s April already. I gotta say, these favorites are much happier and upbeat; I’m quite pleased with myself. Enjoy the favorites (and the oh-dang-i-wish-this-was-a-fave-but-it’s-not favorites of last month.)

Listen & Read: (songs I put on my playlist from last month)

I Could Get Used to This – Everlife *throwing it way back to disney channel dayz*

Giants – Bear Hands *found while i was watching a messy heads vlog*

Like a Virgin – Caught A Ghost *heard it on Grey’s Anatomy and it is such like a… slow head bob groove type thing I love it; i feel like so mature listening to it idk*


“Another Go Round” by Beat Connection

So I was watching a Get Ready With Me video and this song was the background music. You know those songs that you don’t even have to hear all of it to know it’ll be your song? Honestly, this song is SO GOOD. It makes me so happy like it makes me want to catch planes to places I’ve never been (which is a lot of places) and dress with bright colors and go to markets and do that cliche “my back is facing the camera and my arm is behind me holding your hand” picture. If I could insert ten crying emojis right now i would. You have to listen to it.


Work Crew

I came back to camp one last time for four days to be a waitress for over 200 women from around the country all getting together for a retreat. As you can see, it rained a lot, but it was still beautiful. But let me tell you, it was SO MUCH WORK. I’ve never worked a day in my life, but even people that actually have jobs said it was harder! Me and about fifteen other girls waited 2-3 tables each full of 8-9 hungry, demanding, and healthy women. If they didn’t want fish, then they were gluten free. If they didn’t want soy milk, they wanted something with no sugar. And all of this stuff they want by yesterday. Now, some of them were super nice and understood how our little child legs could only go so fast with a huge tray of chicken, rice, salad, veggies, and whatever extras they asked for, but some would literally talk down to us because they knew we were high schoolers. It was such a struggle. No one knew what they were getting into. But breaks were the best! Even though some breaks were only an hour and our cabins were too far away so we took a half hour power nap on the floor. And after we finished setting tables for the next morning, we all (all=the girls that prepped and help make the food, the guys that did the dishes, and the waitresses) came back together to play a game of beach volleyball. I suck so bad I can’t even explain to you, but it was so much fun. You know what, after all of this complaining, I would do it again. I just need a year’s rest. We didn’t get paid, but we were fed some amazing food (that we helped make) and got to eat the giant trays and pans of desert left over. I can literally feel the strawberry shortcake with vanilla ice cream and whip cream in my mouth. So good.

 SoA Final Season on Netflix

…… I don’t even know what to say here. The seventh, and final, season of Sons arrived on Netflix last Saturday. Although I accidentally found out what happens in the end, I still had to watch it, and I got teary eyed when I did. For like the month and a half that I binge-watched SoA, I have literally treated Jax and all the rest of the characters in this show as if they were real. That’s such a bad idea! You get way too emotionally attached. But anyway, right after I finished watching it I went straight to Youtube and googled every SoA interview there ever was. Honestly Ron Pearlman is the complete opposite of Clay it’s so weird.


“Interlude: Holiday”

Sitting in bed, watching Netflix (SoA, probably), and I get a text from my bestfriend in middle school. I wrote this in her yearbook when I was in eighth grade and I’m kinda embarrassed. Thinking back on those times is so weird, and updating her on the people that we went to school with was even weirder! But so fun. You really get to see how much people changed by being in her shoes and imagining the last time you saw them before she moved! Now that we are all moving onto colleges around the country, I hope to get more texts like this! I enjoy remembering times like these (and how toned down I am about guys now I mean shoot).


Let Me Be Yo Motivation

A few weeks ago, I went prom dress shopping. I asked my fam if I could go into Neiman Marcus (knowing I can’t afford it), and I tried on $1,000+ dresses thinking my life would change drastically…. No…. The only thing that changed was that I wear like five sizes smaller than what I usually wear. But after that fun little fiasco, I somehow ended up on the couture section. I locked eyes with an empty, small Chanel store and brought my leopard print slip ons to the very beginning of the store. I didn’t know whether I was allowed to go in or not, I’m pretty sure I looked suspicious as hell, but I ended up going in and I can’t even remember if I touched anything. There were so many pieces that I fell in love with, one sparkly black jacket costing twice what I paid for my ten day trip to Europe. There were only about 9 different pieces in the store, all of which were attached to the wall, but it just made me think that one day I hope to be in here for no reason, just wanting something because I was in the area, and giving the employee my card with no regrets (but maybe some regrets because it’s a lot of money). Seeing the black jacket with sparkles of various colors made me want to go home and do my homework… Maybe I should take a stroll in that section every morning before classes.


Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf

Ok so if you haven’t seen the video, you have to watch it, it is so funny. I remember just hearing the audio years ago on tumblr and being like “what the hell am i listening to” while also being like “wow there is a lot of imagery in this” while simultaneously being like “oh this guys voice is really scary if I think too much into this I will get scared because I scare too easily”. And then seeing it visually just made me smile; it was so dramatic and that’s how I seem to enjoy things. Also, Shia’s been in my top ten faves since Even Stevens so this video will stay in my heart (even though it’s kinda creepy but it’s meant to be funny).


Beach Craves

Winter is my favorite season. Being cold, big coats, old UGG boots, the heat blasting in the car on my cold nose, AND I don’t sweat. I love winter so much. But recently, I’ve been really wanting to run along a quiet beach, stand (I can’t swim) in the ocean water, eat strawberries with my friends on damp towels, ride bikes on hard sand. I haven’t been to the beach since tenth grade, and I’ve never been with friends, so this summer I’m making plans (even though I always make plans that never work out) to get a group of people together and driving down to a beach for just a day, maybe two, before we are all flung out to different colleges and won’t get a good look at each other until thanksgiving break. I suppose this also means that I’ll have to eat healthier…. I type this as I ate my fourth slice of pizza.

zoe   jaden

Zoe Kravitz & Jaden Smith

Spirited, inspiring, black. Challenging people to embrace their difference. I was going to make each of them a separate post, but I feel like I am drawn to them because they are so similar. Both of them seem so original, and they do things only because they love to do it. Their styles express them, and they don’t care what anyone has to say about it. I respect both of them and hope to see more of them next month.
This was a very inspiring post. I hope these things inspire you to travel, work hard, laugh harder, and be yourself.

Put your whole heart into everything you do (I should take my own advice),

Ken x




Overall, the past years of style have trumped this year at Coachella. Maybe because of the princess of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, was absent, or maybe it was just lacking, but I wasn’t wowed.  The peaks of For Love and Lemons pieces were precious, but then it became repetitive. Everything just seemed a little…. plain. Maybe the essence of Coachella is meant to be effortless, but I just wish maybe a little effort was involved to make the styles look fun and happy. I was scrolling through the outfits like I was watching the news, not like I was looking at members of one of the most popular music festivals in the world. Quite frankly, I was just bored.

Another Go Round: April Favorites

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