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“If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can ever warm me, I know that is poetry.” – Emily Dickinson

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Flow, also known as zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

aka, reading a book.

I remember in elementary school, we were encouraged to read more difficult books with a party at the end of the quarter. I would watch people with their noses in Harry Potter books are thick as their head, while I’m reading tiny books about Cam– the girl with photographic memory. I even tried to sneak into one of those parties because I just couldn’t read harder books in four weeks.

Soon after, I got into The Series of Unfortunate Events books, which were amazing! Even though it took me MONTHS to finish. I still have like two more books to read before it’s over… I haven’t picked up one of those books since middle school.

And now, in high school, especially senior year, we aren’t as pressured to start and finish entire books. So in the spare time I have to do my homework or clean my room, I open up books that I paid for and chose to read myself.

*These books aren’t in order from most to least favorite*

**These books are recommended to be read in a bath that is warm, smells nice, and makes your skin feel super soft**



This was one of the only things I asked for Christmas (along with a Marlon Brando poster and a Netflix account; both for which I love deeply) and I am so glad I got it! If you want a kick in the ass to get motivated, this is absolutely a good book. Sophia Amoruso is the big sister you never had or already do, and she tells you about her experiences and how to 100 percent avoid them. She also pushes you in the right direction to overcome the stereotypes of women that The Man has molded us into. Whether you want to start a fashion line or not, you have to get this book. From homeless to millionaire, this book is a New York Times bestseller and is $16.17 (hardback) or $12.97 (paperback) on Amazon! You will learn so much from this book, I promise!


The Maze Runner Series

These books are life changing. Not really, but really. Once you start, you will be literally trapped. If you told yourself that you would one read two chapters, you will zone back into reality, four hours later, and be seven chapters deep with sleepy legs and no idea what time it is. The book is about teenagers put into a maze for reasons they can’t figure out. They don’t remember anything but their name. These books are almost guaranteed to make you cringe and cry (I think I would have done both if I didn’t see a spoiler on Tumblr; do NOT look up maze runner on anything), and you’re imagination will be all over the place. It’s pretty cool to think that everything you imagine about the maze is different from what someone else sees in their head. As always, I will recommend to watch the movie AFTER the book, even though the differences between the two make it so it kind of doesn’t matter which one you do first. I’ve read them all except the prequel The Kill Order– I’m at the very beginning of that book now!

$26.28 for the entire series on Amazon


Will Grayson, Will Grayson

I LOVE THIS BOOK! John Green does it again. Him and David Levithan created a book that leaves you with your jaw to the floor mid way through the book! I can’t say much about it without ruining it, but this is the book to read… Especially if you’re the type to not like something when it’s popular (me a lot of the time). This is nothing like TFIOS or Looking For Alaska (which is also a good book); it isn’t a well known JG book and that’s what intrigued me. So glad I read it!

$6 on Amazon


Alphas Series

I know you remember the name of this author, Lisi Harrison. Everyone I’ve ever known has read The Clique books, and they were so good! I still have a few more books until I get to the end (even though it’s for like eleven year olds). This book isn’t for an audience much older, though. When it first came out, I was in middle school and this book, about the world’s elite teenagers (ages around 12-15) sent to an island to battle for success, came out. Years later, I thought about it and reread the books! Although it’s based around girls about 4 years younger than me, it’s still really good so tbh I recommend it.

$9.18 each on Amazon


You’re the One that I Want

This is the book that I’m currently reading! I’m about halfway through. One girl, Maddy, two bestfriends since childhood, Rob and Ben. She’s at the end of the altar with Rob, but still not sure who to choose! I don’t even know who she chooses yet; I have no clue! I follow Giovanna on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter and she seems like the sweetest person! I figured she would be a great author just from knowing her personality, so I bought it and it is good! Especially where I am right now. She does chapters by age, and I suppose since they are 18 now, I can picture them more as people that could be my friends. Anyway, it’s a good read! I can’t wait to finish it.

***UPDATE: it was really good! What I wanted to happen happened and so I’m happy! I wish I could explain, but you’ll just have to read it yourself and message me what you think! Kinda sad to have it end, but so thankful for the epilogue at the end of the book! And the cute little quiz to see if I like rob or ben better.

$8 on Amazon, and mine came with a cute bookmark!


Ten Things We Did (and probably shouldn’t have)

‘ “I love you”

You imagine hearing the words from someone not related to you, someone not your bestfriend, but when someone you love, someone you dreamt about, actually says them, it makes your body melt and your breathe get caught in your chest.

“You love me?” I asked, leaning toward him.

He nodded.

“Say it again.” I said. I let my knee bump into his.

“I love you” He repeated.’

Everyone has seen this floating around Tumblr, I’m sure. I saw this and just knew I wanted to read it! So I bought it and it’s there for me, waiting to be read after I finish reading You’re the One That I Want! I want to recommend it even though I haven’t opened the front page! I hope it’s worth it!

***UPDATE: such a good book. It really takes a turn and makes you conscious about who you should trust. The girl in the book is even younger than me but I could still relate to her! You should read this book. I’m very happy with all of the books I’ve been reading recently!

$10 on Amazon

I hope you get at least one of them (I think the Maze Runner series is my favorite)

Your… Librarian? (Ew I hate that),

Ken xx

Book Worm Babe

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