With a Cherry On Top: March Favorites


Because March is officially over (and spring break has begun; I’ve been sitting around and watching Netflix literally all day), I’ve had the chance to collect the list of the things I liked in March and I compiled them into a post. I hope you enjoy these things! Let’s dive in

Listen & Read (these are songs I added to my playlist in March):

Danke Schoen – Wayne Newton

More Than A Feeling – Boston

Spaces – One Direction

greys-anatomy      soa

1. Grey’s Anatomy & SoA

I used to watch Grey’s on Lifetime every morning in middle school! Somewhere along the way I stopped, and just last month I was suggested to watch it from the top! So good. Although I googled who dies so I wasn’t surprised (because I get too emotionally involved so if I get slapped with a huge death, my life may actually turn upside down), I still had shocking moments and times where my heart sped up. I honestly love dramas, and although it’s slowed down a bit in season nine, I’m still watching it! I want to be Cristina so bad. Not only is her hair amazing but her personality is so intimidating.

When my friend would show me pictures of Jax I honestly wasn’t into it. I think it was the beard. Somehow, I decided to watch it and I do not regret it! Jax is beautiful and is so soft-hearted. It makes me completely forget that none of it is real and it’s all actors. However, the huge setback for me is that the racism in this show is strong and hurtful at times. They don’t censor anything (trust me; I’ve seen Jax’s bum more than my own), so be prepared for racial slurs! For some reason I continue to watch it, and without the discrimination, it is such a good show! I did see spoilers (on accident this time!) and I’m glad I did because, again, I get too emotional. Ever since watching this series, I’ve devoted myself to the M/C lifestyle and both day dreamt and actually dreamt of being Jax’s “Old Lady”. I am both extremely frightened and overly excited to be on his arm tbh.

daphne 2 daphne 1 daphne

2. Daphne Moon’s Wardrobe

As an attachment to Netflix, if you haven’t watched Frasier, you’re twenty years late and missing out on a hilarious sitcom. After re-watching a few episodes, I noticed how cute Daphne’s outfits were! There are so many more crop tops and plaid skirts that I couldn’t find online but are in the show (I really liked this short blue floral dress that she wore a few times), so watch the show and fall in love with her whole attire.


3. Brando– youthful and smug

Marlon in his ripe age is something my friends and I love every month. So he’s here just because; he is my yearly favorite. Although his acting stayed sublime throughout his entire life, I found his earlier acting stage visually jaw dropping. This is very vain and gross and “I can’t believe I just confessed this”, but yes I just added a man to my list for only a certain section of his existence because I found his face very pleasing.

unnamed (46)   unnamed (45)

3. Mo Makeup Mo Problems

This entire month I never wore makeup once (except for the one birthday party I went to!). Not only do I not have the time, but I figured that without the makeup my skin will clear up a little. Which it has! But only a little. I also have to eat healthier and drink water! Another reason why I stopped wearing makeup was because I’m forcing myself to be more confident bare faced! When I do where makeup, it’s hardly anything (just face powder, eyebrow stuff, and mascara at the least!), but to me it’s everything!

unnamed (47)

4. Cool Name Combinations

I have a list of names in my notes that just sit there waiting for a hot husband (hopefully Jax) to jump into my life so I can give my kids the cutest names there are. It wasn’t until these two (and their sister– Daisy Clementine) came along when I really started being OBSESSED with names. Because of Grey’s Anatomy (and SoA), I love the name Jackson and Avery even though I know it’s a first and last name. I just love mixing names idk. It’s like I’m online shopping and choosing different top and bottom bikini combinations.

tumblr_nlyrfhC96S1r95xroo1_1280 tumblr_nmcrr5kpzK1spraz2o1_1280 tumblr_nlu2onu8sj1r5j8tgo1_500

5. Nori & Kim

What a cute duo these two are! I haven’t seen North more than in this month (and I’ve actually come to love that name). I don’t have much to say about them, I just think they are so cute together, and Kim dresses her daughter so well! Kids are just so cute to me even though I can’t be near them without rolling my eyes.

unnamed (48)    unnamed (49)


6. Zayn: Blue Period

We all know what happened– no need to recap. We all have a bit of the Zayn Blues. This is in my favorites because literally that entire day I saved pictures of him and reflected on how deeply I felt for him just three years ago (and I even listened to their first album which isn’t a good idea if you have a heart even if you don’t really care about them anymore). He’s a little cutie and will be missed singing alongside his friends.


7. Flat Surfing

I’m a 17 year old with no money but a list of places I want to go. Airbnb is a website of apartments, cabins, rooms, etc. around the world that you can rent. I have literally stayed on this website for hours and added to my list apartments in Soho and cottages in Brighton. It is so much fun to me just imagining that one day (when I get a job and free time) I could be staying in one of those places! It just motivates me to get off my butt and start getting and saving money! I want that house in Hawaii!

I’ll see you in May for my April favorites and tbh I can’t wait.

If you’re reading this you’re my #1 March fave,


With a Cherry On Top: March Favorites

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