Summer of ’69: Trends to Expect This Summer

In my first post, I mentioned briefly my new found obsession with a “Zephyr Boy” and the Venice, California 70’s culture. A month later and I came across a photo set of teenage fashion at a school in 1969 (found below). Then, I read an article about the fact that the seventies trends are coming back this summer. Are these all blatant signs to hit the thrift shop and store the halter crop tops? Like the wise Leslie Knope once said, “Am I sure? Yes. Am I quite sure? Nope. Am I sure enough? Maybe”.


Artwork found on Tumblr

Listen & Read:

Hots On For Nowhere – Led Zeppelin

Bold As Love – Jimi Hendrix

Generation Landslide – Alice Cooper

It all started with Lords of Dogtown. Kathy Alva, played by Nikki Reed, was so perfect to me. Her hair, her red one piece swim suit, and omg that pink halter top, was all I’ve ever loved.

emile-hirsch-and-nikki-reed-gallery nikki-reed-gallery (1) nikki-reed-gallery

And now, I’ve got a collection of authentic photos portraying the trends that you could totally rock this summer (because why the hell not?).

unnamed (25)

Vests and ponchos– it could be a little too hot for the poncho, but if you exchange the pants for shorts, then it could totally work! Nights at the beach are perfect for ponchos! And for some reason, I really like that yellow vest…

unnamed (31) unnamed (29)

Fringe– the last time I saw fringe was on the moccasin boots that I wanted in ninth grade. Let’s bring fringe back and better now.

unnamed (30) unnamed (26) unnamed (27)

The middle part… nothing new here… moving on.

unnamed (27)

Bell bottoms (and corduroy)– love these pants! I own a pair (not in this nice red) and I love them…

unnamed (26)

Scarves that don’t go around your neck– personally, I wouldn’t really go for this one, but if it speaks to you, then wear it!

unnamed (29) unnamed (23)

Tribal– watch out for this one; it could be taken negatively to represent a different culture in your clothing. Some see it as mocking, some see it as flattery. Be careful!

unnamed (30)

Shift dresses and patterned tights– I love this so much!! I think it’s cool and wild and I need to hit Target yesterday and get pairs and pairs of colorful tights.

unnamed (28)

Color– black is fun. Color is… also fun! (I wanted to say ‘funner’ but some would beg to differ.. also it’s not a word) Even the colors that you wouldn’t normally think match. I painted a mandala (like the one seen at the top of this post) and I just started putting random colors together, and it just worked like it actually looked good. Shimmy out of your comfort zone a little bit.

Be who your parents were at your age. Hot and fun

Your Time Machine Stylist,

Ken x

Summer of ’69: Trends to Expect This Summer

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