Beat the Blues: A Guide to Happiness

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” -Dalai Lama

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What’s the key to happiness, anyway? Uh… Yeah I don’t really know. However, I am in AP psychology and within the book of mental disorders and parts of the brain, I found an interesting list of how to become happier. Luckily enough, this list was created by an actual psychologist (David Meyers), not a seventeen year old who is at the end of her high school experience therefore having more bad days than good; Senioritis has officially taken it’s tole, the train is going a little bit too fast for me. So let’s do at least one of these things on the list together, and by the summer hopefully we’ll both be on our way to a peace within oneself.

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How to be happier (according to my AP psych book by David Meyers)

1. Realize that enduring happiness may not come from financial success— having $$$ doesn’t guarantee glee; although, that galaxy Valentino gown in my hands would for sure create immense euphoria… until next season.

2. Take control of your time— happy people feel in control of their lives
; I don’t want to say that I disagree with a psychologist, but I always figured happy people a little more carefree? I think it means more of don’t waste your time sitting around rather than being strict about it!

3. Act happy— manipulated into a smiling expression, people feel better
; we actually talked about this in class! It may sound weird, but being physically happy could melt into being mentally and emotionally happy!tumblr_mehxxdF3PT1rgpyeqo1_400

4. Seek work and leisure that engage your skills— take time to savor pleasant experiences and do things that you love while also challenging yourself; developing your skills, even just in your spare time, could really develop a certain bliss. I really like this one! I’m thinking about honing into photography (once I buy a better camera).

5. Join the “movement” movement— aka aerobic exercise ; ugh, I want to do yoga so bad. I want to go for a run so bad. But my mind is always telling me “No, don’t do it! You’re only on season five of Grey’s Anatomy”. As everyone knows, exercising produces endorphins, giving you a natural high and a sense of happiness.

6. Give your body the sleep it wants— enough said

7. Give priority to close relationships— close friends help weather difficult times
; AND about ten minutes ago, I watched a scene in Grey’s where a doctor was freaking out and told Cristina to hug her tightly, because holding someone triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, causing you to relax and your muscles to loosen. Keep your friends close, and your close friends closer. Literally.

8. Focus beyond self— doing good makes one feel good
; Whenever I give good tips, I feel really good. But I’ve gotta think of another thing to do because I literally have no money… Compliments and kindness are free! *flower emojis*

9. Count your blessings and record your gratitude— write down positive events
; reading them back later on, you won’t even remember the negative parts of the day… I saw a list my friend made on Tumblr where she listed all the things she was happy for. I think it’s a really good idea!

10. Nurture your spiritual self— faith provides support, sense of purpose, and a reason to focus beyond self; But, if you aren’t the spiritual type, just close your eyes and pretend this one never got typed in…

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Happiness isn’t the same with everyone. Whether your happiness is in the middle of a crowd, dancing freely with paint on your face, or sitting at home alone with hot tea and Netflix, or both (me), or hiking up a mountain (not me at all). Find your happiness.


Your Therapist,

Ken x

*transparent photos found on Tumblr*

Beat the Blues: A Guide to Happiness

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