Oh, If I Had a Brain: School Stress and How to Calm it

Trust me, I know how it feels to be stressed out from school. Having a mental breakdown was the norm for me my junior year, so if you feel anxiety from school (or in general) try looking over these tips:

1. Breathing GIF


Try inhaling as the shapes expand and exhaling while they collapse. It’ll stable your breathing and calm you down.

2. Watch Fish


Go to an aquarium, pet store, or even invest in a bowl and a psychedelic looking fish (or any colored fish; I just want a cool looking one). Watching the fish while only moving your eyes triggers a part of your brain that decreases stress, while also making you focus on just one thing, centering your mind.

2 1/2. Another way to trigger that part of your brain is watching this GIF


3. Meditation

Sit or lay in a comfortable position with relaxed muscles. Close your eyes and think of steady breathing, while also imagining a green glow coming from your center or you at a calm place like the beach. You can also think of a three word mantra that you can repeat in your mind. Three things that you would want to maybe achieve, for example: peace, love, bliss. While doing so, you can listen to my playlist of meditation songs on Spotify.

4. Be like Beary Barrington’s Mom– when you’re upset… Bake


Or just watch the movie. It gives me chills every time… Although, I haven’t watched it in years, so it could be creepy now?

4 1/2. NETFLIX! Speaking of watching stuff…

If you are stressed out, watch Parks and Rec. Even if you’ve seen it before. Even if you don’t think it will be funny (literally what I thought), it truly is classic comedy.

5. Put away your phone. Seriously.

It could be one of the worst things for you to do, but putting you’re phone away for even half an hour really helps balance your mind again. For me at least, when I’m on my phone for too long, my head starts to hurt, so I should be following this tip too! I’m going to be posting a blog soon about the camp trip I took where no phones were allowed! You don’t know how “dirty” you feel until you spend a day and a half in the mountains with no phones, no clocks, cute boys, a game room, and yummy food!

6. Put away your homework; I do not care if it’s due tomorrow

Your health is more important than the presentation you just started that’s due the first period of school. Don’t look at it. Eat crackers or fruit. Drink water. Throw your feet up. Chill out until you feel comfortable to start again. A meltdown is not worth a 500 word essay about snap judgments. Seriously, breathe and eat. I’ve had too many times where I almost reached my breaking point for a test that I don’t even remember now.

7. Refer to my rain post

unnamed (4)

Nothing gives me chills more than rain and calming music. Lay on your back, close your eyes, and listen.

8. Finally, don’t hold back

If you feel your emotions coming on, don’t stop it. You know how much better it feels after you cry. Let it out.

Your… Counselor?,


P.S. Why is camp food so good? I’ve only been to two camps but the food is always good I don’t get it.

Oh, If I Had a Brain: School Stress and How to Calm it

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