Less Than One

So, do you believe in a soulmate? I came across this video, and it gave me chills– maybe because it’s an interesting concept, or maybe because I like watching montages of a couple. Some would say that math could have something to do with finding “The One”. In the end of the video, the lead’s approximate number of soulmates made me kinda sad… Could there possibly be less than one whole of a person that’s perfect for you? And what does that mean exactly?

I managed to get a little bit luckier. After watching the video, I went on to their website and after a series of questions I had approximately 19 potential soulmates around my area (and one soulmate up in Brooklyn– hopefully that one is Penn Badgely). I instantly started imagining who these 19 guys around my age range would look like; I got so incredibly hopeful. I started thinking of all of the crushes I have right now (yes, crushES; my heart is all over the place) and how could I possibly choose between them? I felt like the bachelorette, giving roses to guys whose 19 faces I can’t even imagine fully. Is that sad or just weird I don’t really know…

I just love to believe in love and all of that stuff so this really intrigued me. Do it yourself and see what you get, but be honest!

Your Cupid,


Less Than One

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