Seduce and Destroy



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Open up my diary and you will see the evolution of crushes in my life– some entries dating back to 2005, when Corbin Bleu and B5 literally took over my entire heart. I remember before Pre-K I liked these two Mexican brothers that smelled really weird, and now I’m a senior in high school and boys, preferably the ones with long blonde hair that like to skate around shirtless, are still a big (problematic) part of my life. One smile from a guy with long legs and good hands and I am set for the next two days. Every daydream I’ve ever had starred a boy that I’ve probably never said more than two words to, and you can be sure that those two words will be typed out 1,000 times in speed texts to my friends.

Hi, my name is Kennedy, and I have a boy problem. Two years ago my teammates gave me a end of the season award: Boy Scout. I couldn’t be happier to have it, but isn’t it a little embarrassing that it is so incredibly true? If I’m out with my friends and I don’t see one cute boy, I can’t say that it was a perfect day. I’ve leveled up on my sneaking a picture skills (with the occasional forget flash going off thus making my body burn from the inside), and I am known for running into cute boys on purpose to make my friends laugh.

EW. Isn’t this an issue? So I started this blog, with the help of my award from junior year, but here’s the thing– this blog isn’t all about boys. Yes, boys take over roughly 96% of my mind and daily thoughts, but you’ll get bored from my posts titled “OMG he LIKED my insta photo!” and “After ten minutes of searching, I found his Snapchat!!!”. This is a blog of lifestyle and music and beauty and if a boy story comes along, so be it.

I just want you to follow my life, but I had to get this big weight off of my shoulders first. This is why my blog is named what it is… Boys are (sadly) my every day hobby.

Feel free to pity me, my zodiac sign loves that shit.

Your Scoutmaster (that’s a real boyscout ranking– I googled it),

Ken *insert cute emojis with the same color palette*

Seduce and Destroy

2 thoughts on “Seduce and Destroy

  1. alex says:

    kennedy, i know this post is ages old, i’m sorry if this comes off as creepy!
    your blog URL makes sense now!
    also, boys with long blonde hair who like to skate around shirtless? hmm, sounds like a certain puerto rico trip leader, if you replace skating with surfing. ;)))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This does not come off creepy at all!! I’m so glad you made your blog! Wow you’re right it’s like I was talking to myself in the future ;). I will never be over that trip. I had the best time of my life


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